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Girls vs Boys!

Posted: August 31, 2012 in books

as a mum of six with three of each i think i’m qualified enough to say that girls are in fact harder to raise than boys. This of course is my personal experience others will no doubt have a different view but for me my girls are extremely demanding especially as newborns where my boys would be quite content to amuse themselves. The girls would keep me awake all night (5 year old still does!) cling to me for dear life, i had to take them everywhere with me sometimes even the toilet! and they never went to anyone else willingly! My boys didn’t care what i was up to as long as they were fed and clean! Even in their teenage years my daughter is still demanding and very moody still seeking my attention over the others and my boys although also moody are still content to get on with things! so in my opinion i’ll take ten sons over three girls!!!!!!!!!


You never forget your first love

Posted: August 31, 2012 in books

How true is this statement? well in my case this is true, i have very fond memories of mine and still keep in contact with him. He is the one person from my past that i’ll never forget regardless of the life i live now. here is an article claiming why you should forget your first love:

They say that you never forget your first love.

But perhaps you should, because memories of it can wreck your relationships for life, research suggests.

Sociologists found that the euphoria of young love can become an unrealistic benchmark against which all future romances are judged.


According to the report, the best way to ensure long-term happiness in a relationship is not to fixate on how you fell head over heels the first time. 

Those who take a more pragmatic view of what they need from a relationship rather than striving to recreate the intense passion they once shared with an old flame are more likely to have successful long-term partneship, it argues

The claim comes in Changing Relationships, a collection of research papers edited by Dr Malcolm Brynin, of the Institute for Social and Economic Research at the University of Essex.

He said: ‘Remarkably, it seems that the secret to long-term happiness in a relationship is to skip a first relationship.’

‘In an ideal world you would wake up already in your second relationship. If you had a passionate first relationship and allow that feeling to become your benchmark, it becomes inevitable that future, more adult partnerships will seem boring and a disappointment.

‘The problems start if you try not only to get everything you need for an adult relationship, but also strive for the heights of excitement and intensity you had in your first experience of love.

 is this true for any of you i’d love to hear your comments on this

an extract from my first book

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As I start to drift off I hear a howling from the woods I get up to close the window, as I reach up a hand grabs my arm startling me and as I’m about to scream Trey’s face comes into view holding a finger to his lips.

His nose seems okay just a little bit of swelling remains but the bone seems intact, he urges me outside so I climb out onto the porch roof and as soon as my feet touch down he wraps his arms around me saying he’s sorry repeatedly I shush him and hold tight to his waist.

He buries his face into my hair inhaling deeply, he moves it aside and I can feel his breath hot against my neck as his lips brush across my skin.

I pull back nervously not sure where things are heading and as I look up at his face I see a fine sheen of sweat across his brow “Trey your hot” I say as the heat radiating from his body is making me sweat, “you’re not so bad yourself” he says pulling me back against him tightly “just hold me Megan that’s all I want for now” he says as he trails his fingers down my side along my ribcage.

I shiver nervously at his intimate touch I don’t want this, I hear the sound of feet hitting the roof behind us and a growl erupts from Trey I look up seeing his eyes have changed to black and I yank myself out of his grasp backing away from him.

Arms circle my waist from behind and Blake’s scent washes over me as he pulls me against him backing us away from Trey.

Trey growls louder as he advances towards us, the tendons in his neck are bulging and I look on in horror as his face starts to distort as his body  shakes violently and he is furious “take your hands off her she’s mine” he growls out.

I shrink further back into Blake I’m terrified of Trey, Blake tightens his hold on me and says “she doesn’t want you Trey and I won’t let you have her” Blake says through gritted teeth.

Trey smiles and says “I see no claim, her scent is her own” I can feel Blake’s fury rise as his body tenses behind me as Trey steps towards me “tell me you don’t want me Megan” Trey snarls and his mouth twists into an ugly leer reminding me of the way my father looked at me that day, I turn away no longer able to face him “tell me!” he roars Blake pushes me behind him as tears stream down my face “take one more step towards her and I will end you” Blake warns.

Trey snarls at him then leaps off the roof sprinting into the woods. I hold my head in my hands and cry, Blake pulls me to him wrapping those big arms around me as I bury my face into his huge chest feeling safe in his embrace as his scent surrounds me “how did you know where I was?” I say into his chest “I always know where you are” he replies sighing.

I want to know more but my brain is on overload and instead I just enjoy being in his arms.

He releases me all too soon leading me towards the window shutting it firmly behind us once we’re inside. He squeezes his massive body into the wicker chair which groans in protest at his weight; he stretches out his long legs lacing his hands behind his head as he leans back.

I watch as his biceps bulge beneath the sleeves of his t shirt, he raises his eyebrows at me and his green eyes glimmer with amusement at my obvious admiration of his body.

Flustered I say “what are you doing?” “Sleep Megan, I’m not going anywhere” he says closing his eyes. I take one last lingering look at him stretched out and see his mouth curve into a smile “I know your still standing there” he says even though his eyes are closed.

My face heats up I flip off the light and rush to the bed burying myself underneath the covers, comforted by his presence I let his even breathing sooth me to sleep.

My dreams are plagued with images of my father and Trey and when I wake screaming Blake is by my side stroking my sweat soaked hair from my face instead of Trey and my heart sinks at the reminder of the way Trey acted. 

sticking with the film theme

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There are a lot of films due to be released from books that i thoroughly enjoyed and although i’m eager to see them lets hope they stick mostly to the story! The likes of true blood and the vampire diaries irritate me the way they have strayed from the original books and i’ve heard the last breaking dawn has also strayed from the original ending in the book so please keep these films the same as the books i know and love!

old vs new

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i’m not a great film lover but there are a select few that i could watch over, remakes of classic films can go either way and one of my all time favourite films was done a serious unjustice! 



love all of the freddy films and in 2010 they remade it with this one



and what a load of crap that was! some films are not meant to be remade! although saying that the release of this



i found much more enjoyable than this one




Follow your instincts!

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I overheard two people talking about how they thought a new mother was overreacting to  a rash her son was covered in so i decided to share a story about my own son which shows overreacting is sometimes a good thing. when he was four months old i noticed he had just one spot on his forehead that wouldn’t disappear when i pressed on it. it didn’t sit right with me and i had already had three children before him so i wasn’t new to motherhood. i took him straight to the doctors who had the cheek to pull out a magnifying glass, told me i may be overreacting but she gave me a note telling me to go up to a&e in the morning if i was still concerned but that she didn’t think it was a problem. i took him home even my husband thought i was overreacting! next morning when i get up my son was covered head to toe in a rash which looked like meningitis, i rushed him up the hospital who proceeded to lay into me for not bringing him sooner as they hooked him up to antibiotics. i handed them the note telling them i was only following my doctors advice, they read the note telling me my doctor didn’t think anything of it and that i was a young mother worrying without reason. the nurse who read this was straight on the phone to my doctor telling her how incompetent she was, left with my son who continued smiling and babbling like he didn’t see what the fuss was about i began to panic i mean the survival rate for a four month old baby surviving meningitis is very slim. everytime someone touched him he bruised, we went from that to suspected leukemia and was whisked off for a bone marrow test and the trainee nurse in the room with us was telling me how excited she was to be seeing this done on a child so young! i was promptly removed from the room since i lost my temper with her excitement! turned out my son had Idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura

What is ITP?


Purpura rash on the forearm

Thrombocytopenia is the medical term for a low platelet count. Idiopathic means unknown cause. Purpura refers to the pin-prick bleeding under the surface of the skin that is a symptom of the low platelet count.

In ITP, antibodies coat the surfaces of the platelets, destroying them and causing their level to drop.

For a full description of platelets and the causes and effects of a low platelet count, see the factsheet on thrombocytopenia.

Types of ITP

ITP can be divided into two different forms.

  • Acute ITP starts suddenly and usually follows a viral illness in a child. Acute ITP may require no treatment, especially if the platelet count does not fall too low and there is little bleeding. It usually improves spontaneously and, in children at least, rarely comes back.
  • Chronic ITP develops over time, is long lasting and more common in adults. It may not need treatment if the platelet level doesn’t pose a significant risk of bleeding. Any such assessment should take account of your lifestyle, such as participation in contact sports or manual work.

he’s fine now but my point is go with your instincts no matter what other people say, i’m just glad it wasn’t meningitis because by following my doctors instructions it may have been too late for my son.

some of my reviews for my first book!!!

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5.0 out of 5 stars Scarily intense that will make you beg for more!, 1 July 2012
Amazon Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This review is from: A Father’s Obsession (Kindle Edition)

As a self published book, A fathers obsession will leave you on the edge of your seat.
It packs one hell of a punch when reading, touching base on some very sensitive subjects with complete honesty.
There are is no holding back with this book and at times when the story take a gut wrenching and heart aching turns; Linda Jackson manages to still keep up the pace of the book that will leave you glued to your seat.

When I first starting reading, the story line screamed out for my attention, leaving me turning page after page.
The brutal past that haunts Megan, instantly made me warm to her character. Who as the story develops,grows to be a confidant and strong women.

I must warn you readers though,that there is a very tasty love triangle, that will make you having a twilight moment… The question is are you team Blake? or team Trey?

Honestly I found my self warming more towards the latter, who as you will see starts to change from just a good friend, to some one who may or may not be more than Megan ever imagined.
Although saying that Blake dose have the tall, dark and dangerous thing going for him and is head over heals for Megan.
Only Megan can chose.

With the hot steamy men put aside the plot line of this book will keep you reading, with its fast pace and surprising twists.

This book is a must read!

I am now eagerly awaiting the next book.!


 wow 16 Aug 2012
what can i say fathers obsession had me hooked from the fist page couldn’t put it down a real page turner if your looking for a fast paced read with all this great then this is your can’t wait for the next instalment
Amazon Verified Purchase
This book was great it had really good characters and great suspense throughout, with lots of different twists and turns. It certainly keeps you wanting to know what is coming next. This book is a must read as it has so many strange happenings and possible outcomes. I am desperate for the next edition to come out.


Truth or Myth?

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okay so here is what most seem to say :

Reincarnation is the belief that the soul survives physical death, and is reborn into a new physical life, the passing of the soul from one body to the next. Our souls never really die, we merely change our physical form, forgetting who we once were. Why do we do this? Our souls are striving for perfection, whether we consciously realize it or not. We are born again and again to confront and perfect our Karma. To know the laws of action and reaction so instinctively and purely, that we never transgress them, is true enlightenement. At tha point, our souls are free of Karma, and free to join with “The One” in a state of Nirvana.Reincarnation is a belief with a long and varied history. In modern times, the Eastern religions of Buddhism and Hinduism are often thought of as the source of this belief, but the ancient Egyptians and Greeks, native North and South Americans, and the Aboriginal peoples of Australia also traditionally hold this belief.


“The Soul is older than body. Souls are continuously born over again into this life.” 

William Wordsworth
“Our birth is but a sleep and a forgetting, The soul that rises with us, our life’s star, Hath had elsewhere its setting, And cometh from afar.” 

Kahlil Gibran
“A little while, a moment of rest upon the wind, and another woman shall bear me.” 

so do our souls really get reborn? i believe there must be some truth to it otherwise the subject wouldn’t be so widely spoken about, i doubt someone woke up one day and decided “i think i’ll spread a little rumour about how our soul is reborn into another!” i can’t say i’ve ever had flash backs of another life although have experienced moments of deja vu, but it’s the same with all the unexplained things out there. i’ve never seen a ghost or experienced a poltergeist, nor have i come across a vampire or a werewolf but yet these things go back for centuries so there must be some degree of truth to it. These days vampires, werewolves and even ghosts are being portrayed as drop dead gorgeous sex gods but if you go back to where they originally started they were ugly evil gruesome creatures and i definately wouldn’t want to come across them in a dark alley! so my point is truth or myth? i don’t know, if i see it then i’ll believe it but all these things came from somewhere. If you know otherwise please do fill me in!


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researching various torture methods for my next book i came across this gruesome bit of information! i would have hated to live in the middle ages!!!!



The Judas Cradle was perhaps a little less sadistic than impalement but still gruesome. The victim’s anus or vagina would be placed over the point of the pyramid-shaped cradle, then lowered on it by ropes. The intended effect was to stretch the orifice over a long period of time, or to slowly impale. 

The victim was usually naked, adding to the overall humiliation of the torture and sometimes weights were added to the legs to increase the painand hasten death. This torture could last anywhere from a few hours to complete days. The device was rarely washed, so the victim could also be plagued with a painful infection. 

life made easy!

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Ever made a cup of tea or coffee realizing you’ve forgotten to boil the kettle?



marvelous invention! stick your cup in for a few minutes and your done! also good for defrosting that meat you forgot to get out the night before!!!!