on the buses

Posted: August 8, 2012 in books

bus travel can be highly entertaining! mostly it’s just annoying especially when the person sitting beside u is speaking loud enough on their mobile phone to burst your eardrums and airing their personal life to everyone on the bus! if my phone rings i sink down in my seat whispering. i hate it that’s why i’m a serial texter! what get’s me the most is the mother’s whose kids are crying and throwing a tantrum yes it’s embarrasing having been there a few times myself but don’t they understand smacking your child is only gonna make them scream louder! And what else annoys me is kids are supposed to go free under 16 i get some of them need oyster cards since kids these days are looking older but when the kid is dressed in a school uniform and is 3ft nothing having lost their oyster card how can the bus driver tell them they can’t get on!


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