Gardens and their creepy inhabitants!

Posted: August 9, 2012 in books

i have an insane fear of all things slimy! in my back garden i had worms the size of mini snakes i’ve never seen worms that big! everyone said it’s down to good soil so i paved the whole garden and now when i wash down the paving stones they slither out between the gaps making me run screaming into the house like a little girl! my front garden is worse, snails seem to love my doorstep. i opened the door one day finding a snail attached to it! i had to get one of the kids to remove it so i could go out! slugs love my wheelie bin i even go as far as wearing rubber gloves to put the rubbish in it! The spiders that come in from the garden are bigger than a match box they look like small tarantula’s and they got attitude! one came running straight at my bare feet once had me sprinting up the stairs like an olympic runner!


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