independent woman

Posted: August 17, 2012 in books

I like to think of myself as an independent woman. some women think decorating is a man’s job, i totally disagree. anyone can pick up a paint brush or roller yes you need a steady hand when cutting in but it’s not so hard. wallpapering is also easier than u think, my women friends say they can’t do it but have u tried? i taught myself and have even had people ask me to do theirs! same with flat pack furniture, i’m known as the flat pack queen! if it’s got instructions i can follow it, just recently put together 3 single pine beds on my own and a three door wardrobe! i’m an impatient person if i want something done i don’t want to wait! I’m even a dab hand at re wiring and pc repairs (although not so good on the software side!) my point is just because these things tend to be seen as a man’s job doesn’t mean a woman is unable to do it i get great satisfaction from learning new things and if i’m honest i do a better job than my husband!!


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