Advice on writing a book

Posted: August 19, 2012 in books

My friend told me the other day she was thinking about writing a book but was worried whether or not she would be successful. My reply is simple, everyone feels the same i know i did when i put my first book up. If u have a story in mind and really want to put it out there then do it, let the people decide if they like it everyone has different tastes even most successful writers get bad reviews. The other advice i gave her and to anyone else who wants to do it is that with  kindle self publishing available getting your book out there is relatively easy but be prepared for the hard slog of promoting it which i struggle with and not forgetting the time it takes writing it in the first place! When i’m writing it can seriously take over my life! once i’m wrapped up in my writing i find it hard to tear myself away lucky for me my family is supportive and my husband drags me away from it after a while but it’s constantly playing on my mind so if you can deal with that and are dedicated enough then go ahead because for me seeing my book up on amazon was a great achievement for me regardless of how many sales i make!


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