Pc issues

Posted: August 21, 2012 in books

Having just fixed my nephews laptop again! i would like to share a few tips on how i keep my pc running smoothly. I don’t bother with any of the fancy anti virus software since norton bogs down a pc like no ones business! also i found it kept letting in back door virus which it couldn’t get rid of! i use avg free edition, does the same as all the paid versions and along with advanced system care free which gets rid of any malware and keeps the registry clean i use it once a week and at least once a month i use eset online scanner to check for anything else. I don’t add any toolbars since some of these can be hard to get rid of although there are programs you can use to remove them, it’s not worth the trouble. Always make a recovery disc which most people tend to forget then have to pay out for a new system since nine times out of ten system restore very rarely works. And when it comes to loading on a new system do it yourself! it’s straight forward just follow the on screen instuctions i know people who have paid £100 to do this when it only takes about half an hour!


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