some of my reviews for my first book!!!

Posted: August 29, 2012 in books
5.0 out of 5 stars Scarily intense that will make you beg for more!, 1 July 2012
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This review is from: A Father’s Obsession (Kindle Edition)

As a self published book, A fathers obsession will leave you on the edge of your seat.
It packs one hell of a punch when reading, touching base on some very sensitive subjects with complete honesty.
There are is no holding back with this book and at times when the story take a gut wrenching and heart aching turns; Linda Jackson manages to still keep up the pace of the book that will leave you glued to your seat.

When I first starting reading, the story line screamed out for my attention, leaving me turning page after page.
The brutal past that haunts Megan, instantly made me warm to her character. Who as the story develops,grows to be a confidant and strong women.

I must warn you readers though,that there is a very tasty love triangle, that will make you having a twilight moment… The question is are you team Blake? or team Trey?

Honestly I found my self warming more towards the latter, who as you will see starts to change from just a good friend, to some one who may or may not be more than Megan ever imagined.
Although saying that Blake dose have the tall, dark and dangerous thing going for him and is head over heals for Megan.
Only Megan can chose.

With the hot steamy men put aside the plot line of this book will keep you reading, with its fast pace and surprising twists.

This book is a must read!

I am now eagerly awaiting the next book.!


 wow 16 Aug 2012
what can i say fathers obsession had me hooked from the fist page couldn’t put it down a real page turner if your looking for a fast paced read with all this great then this is your can’t wait for the next instalment
Amazon Verified Purchase
This book was great it had really good characters and great suspense throughout, with lots of different twists and turns. It certainly keeps you wanting to know what is coming next. This book is a must read as it has so many strange happenings and possible outcomes. I am desperate for the next edition to come out.



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