an extract from my first book

Posted: August 30, 2012 in books





As I start to drift off I hear a howling from the woods I get up to close the window, as I reach up a hand grabs my arm startling me and as I’m about to scream Trey’s face comes into view holding a finger to his lips.

His nose seems okay just a little bit of swelling remains but the bone seems intact, he urges me outside so I climb out onto the porch roof and as soon as my feet touch down he wraps his arms around me saying he’s sorry repeatedly I shush him and hold tight to his waist.

He buries his face into my hair inhaling deeply, he moves it aside and I can feel his breath hot against my neck as his lips brush across my skin.

I pull back nervously not sure where things are heading and as I look up at his face I see a fine sheen of sweat across his brow “Trey your hot” I say as the heat radiating from his body is making me sweat, “you’re not so bad yourself” he says pulling me back against him tightly “just hold me Megan that’s all I want for now” he says as he trails his fingers down my side along my ribcage.

I shiver nervously at his intimate touch I don’t want this, I hear the sound of feet hitting the roof behind us and a growl erupts from Trey I look up seeing his eyes have changed to black and I yank myself out of his grasp backing away from him.

Arms circle my waist from behind and Blake’s scent washes over me as he pulls me against him backing us away from Trey.

Trey growls louder as he advances towards us, the tendons in his neck are bulging and I look on in horror as his face starts to distort as his body  shakes violently and he is furious “take your hands off her she’s mine” he growls out.

I shrink further back into Blake I’m terrified of Trey, Blake tightens his hold on me and says “she doesn’t want you Trey and I won’t let you have her” Blake says through gritted teeth.

Trey smiles and says “I see no claim, her scent is her own” I can feel Blake’s fury rise as his body tenses behind me as Trey steps towards me “tell me you don’t want me Megan” Trey snarls and his mouth twists into an ugly leer reminding me of the way my father looked at me that day, I turn away no longer able to face him “tell me!” he roars Blake pushes me behind him as tears stream down my face “take one more step towards her and I will end you” Blake warns.

Trey snarls at him then leaps off the roof sprinting into the woods. I hold my head in my hands and cry, Blake pulls me to him wrapping those big arms around me as I bury my face into his huge chest feeling safe in his embrace as his scent surrounds me “how did you know where I was?” I say into his chest “I always know where you are” he replies sighing.

I want to know more but my brain is on overload and instead I just enjoy being in his arms.

He releases me all too soon leading me towards the window shutting it firmly behind us once we’re inside. He squeezes his massive body into the wicker chair which groans in protest at his weight; he stretches out his long legs lacing his hands behind his head as he leans back.

I watch as his biceps bulge beneath the sleeves of his t shirt, he raises his eyebrows at me and his green eyes glimmer with amusement at my obvious admiration of his body.

Flustered I say “what are you doing?” “Sleep Megan, I’m not going anywhere” he says closing his eyes. I take one last lingering look at him stretched out and see his mouth curve into a smile “I know your still standing there” he says even though his eyes are closed.

My face heats up I flip off the light and rush to the bed burying myself underneath the covers, comforted by his presence I let his even breathing sooth me to sleep.

My dreams are plagued with images of my father and Trey and when I wake screaming Blake is by my side stroking my sweat soaked hair from my face instead of Trey and my heart sinks at the reminder of the way Trey acted. 


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