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Tempest fury

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Just finished reading this and i loved it even though nicole peeler has left me hanging till next year to find out what happens!! this is a really good series i love jane true and her humour and i especially love anyan who is much better for jane than ryu! This series had me hooked from the begining a must read for all!!!


Christmas is near!

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So with christmas just around the corner my kids are getting ready to bankrupt me!! Adverts are full of toys tempting my younger ones as their list continues to grow! What i find funny about these ads are some of the toys that are out these days

Image Take this doll, teaching your child how to potty train a doll! seriously why do they need to know that? and do i want water all over my house when the doll wets itself! the crying ones are the worst they go on for hours! why when my child is now old enough not to do what these dolls do, would i want a plastic one that does!!!!

The other toy that gets me is this

Imageseriously! getting your child to clean up dog mess is supposed to be fun? obviously they are trying to teach people to clean up after their dogs but a kids game!!!!


my book trailer for conceived from evil

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check it out!

Book trailers

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For those of you who want to make your own book trailer it really isn’t as hard as i thought it would be. use windows movie maker, find royalty free pictures and music download them then go to windows movie maker add your pics how you want them. There are also effects you can use and you can add your own text then your music and then your ready to upload to you tube! i’m not sure how you go about finding moving images since i only used photos but i’m sure you can google it easy enough! Have a go it’s really quite fun!!!

My book trailer!

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check out my book trailer!


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My husband is a big fan of the true crime documentaries on television and a lot of the series features shows on stalking. Luckily i’ve never had to deal with this kind of situation and can only imagine what the victims go through but the worst of it is that very little can be done unless you are in fact assaulted by your stalker and by then as i’ve seen on these shows it can sometimes result in the victims death. Here are a few cases i’ve found:

Claire Waxman has spent much of the last seven years living in terror. During that period, her stalker has followed her relentlessly, broken into her car, bombarded her with letters and gifts, made silent phone calls – even arrived at her daughter’s nursery posing as a prospective parent. She says Elliot Fogel has caused her so much stress that she had a miscarriage, developed an eating disorder, and moved house five times in a bid to escape.

When police raided Fogel’s home, a search of his computer revealed that he had Googled her name 40,000 times in one year and downloaded her wedding photographs. Yet last week a judge sentenced Fogel to just 16 weeks in jail for twice breaking a restraining order. Reports say he could be out in six weeks.

Ann Moulds understands this terror. She fled from her home of 30 years, abandoned her business and even changed her name, after an unsigned Valentine’s card marked the start of one of Scotland’s worst stalking cases. The sexually explicit card was followed by photographs of an unidentified man in women’s underwear, posted to her Ayrshire home in 2004. “By the third photograph I knew I had a stalker,” she says.

Moulds went to the police, but says they did little to stem the silent phone calls and explicit, anonymous letters. “The deviancy of the cards shocked me. I was living on my own and was terrified.” Two years later she finally discovered who was behind it – a man called Alex Reid.

“Ayrshire is not a big town and I knew him to say hello to. A year before the stalking started, I had bumped into him. He knew my daughter had gone to university, and told me if I ever needed anything to give him a call.”

After the chance meeting Reid occasionally phoned her, and feigned outrage when he heard about the photographs. Later he offered to sleep on her couch to protect her. It wasn’t until he sent her a sexually graphic text message that she realised he was the culprit.

Moulds went to the police, but although Reid was questioned and DNA-tested, he was released. A few months later, after more silent phone calls, police finally raided his home and discovered photographs and letters addressed to her. With no anti-stalking legislation in Scotland, it is dealt with as a breach of the peace, and sentencing powers are limited. When Reid was sentenced to just 260 hours of community service and three years on the sex offenders’ register, Moulds was devastated.

“My nerves were shattered, my hair was falling out, I had lost weight. I was advised that if I stayed [in Ayrshire], I would need to keep CCTV up at my house, stay on the alarm to the police, and keep vigilant. But stalkers don’t give up so I had to leave to get safety – all because he did not go to jail. He is walking the same streets, but my life was destroyed.”

Now, thanks to her campaigning, an amendment is going through the Scottish parliament which could change the law to align it with the tougher sentences that can be passed in England and Wales. Yet campaigners say that although the law is stronger south of the border, stalking is still sometimes dismissed by the criminal justice system. Under harassment laws, a stalker can be sentenced to up to six months in prison, or, if they put their victim in fear of violence, up to five years. Breaching a restraining order can also incur a penalty of up to five years in prison – but, as in Fogel’s case, this is seldom given. Richards says that professionals, too, often let down victims. “In patches things are good,” she says, “but it’s a postcode lottery.”

“I did a study of 5,000 victims,” says Sheridan, “and one in five had been sexually assaulted by a stalker. The violence rate is 20-30%.” This is more common when the stalker and victim have had a previous relationship, such as in the case of Clare Bernal, who was just 22 when she was shot dead in the Harvey Nichols store where she worked. Her ex-boyfriend, Michael Pech, a security guard at the same store, had been due in court a week later for stalking her and had been released on bail when he murdered her and turned the gun on himself. Her mother, Patricia, says Pech had already threatened to kill Clare, but the Crown Prosecution Service had advised her to drop the charges. “One night, as he was following her, she turned around and told him she would report him. He said, ‘If you report me I will kill you’. Then he smiled and stroked her face. We didn’t know what to do. She was so scared.”

Patricia Bernal set up the charity Protection Against Stalking, and says that a lack of physical violence should not mean stalking is treated lightly: “Stalkers need to be treated as dangerous and high risk. At the moment you need a black eye to be considered in danger.” She is appalled by the sentence handed down to Fogel. “Mind games and mental trauma can be serious. Claire Waxman’s life was turned upside down by this.”

stalking is a serious issue and i think the law should be changed to come down harder on the stalkers that remain at a distance because it’s only a matter of time before they step it up to getting physical!

Refunds on ebooks

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I keep hearing in various forums that many people out there are refunding ebooks after a few days. I think this is wrong, we all at some point buy books we didn’t like but to refund it is stupid. Most of the ebooks aren’t that expensive and i don’t think you should be allowed to refund after you’ve read it otherwise everyone would be doing it even if they did enjoy it. Authors put a lot of hard work into their writing, if you don’t like the book write a review outlining what you didn’t like, most authors welcome feedback good or bad so they can use the information in future releases i would never refund a book even if i hated it. So please have some consideration for the hardworking authors out there!!!!

When to give your child their independence?

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What is the right age to give your child independence? I am very protective over my children, i take the younger ones to school and pick them up even when they reach year six! my teens make their own way to school because i can’t be in two places at once but they have to text me upon arrival so i know they are okay. My teens have to be in at 7.30pm, 8pm on weekends and that includes my sixteen year old! I have a park right outside my house which i can see into clearly through my kitchen window and i won’t let my younger ones (5,7,11) out there unless one of their older siblings is with them! You can call me over protective but these days it’s no longer safe for children even though where i live it’s a very close knit community. When i was younger things were easier but now all i seem to hear about is kids going missing or being shot or stabbed in gang related crossfire putting this fear into me. So really when is a good age to give children their independence because for my children i can’t see it coming any time soon!!!

The worst film ever!

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This is the worst film i have seen lately! i had to watch it through to find out the point but i would rather have had my teeth pulled out!!


A group of college friends celebrate the end of term with a party to end all parties. During a drink and drug-fuelled evening, an innocent game of ‘Truth or Dare’ has a very sore loser, sparking a terrifying sequence of events and a whole new twist on the game of truth or dare – where the truth can kill you.

The attraction of ‘truth or dare’ as an idea is simple: it takes an innocent game played by teenagers and students the world over – the core movie audience – and then subverts it by using it as a means of revenge for a crazed young man seeking the truth about his brother.


All the best student bashes include sex, drugs and a cracking game of truth or dare. But the fun goes bad at one knees-up: a nerdy lad kills himself and, three months later, his friends are summoned by his soldier brother to a remote cabin in the woods for some game-related vengeance. And we’re not talking Pictionary. Robert Heath’s horror is riddled with plot holes and atrocious dialogue, but has a couple of brilliantly bananas performances and the odd crunchy jump.

“Be nice,” Gemma informs the rather loathsome Eleanor before a deeply 
unpleasant game of teenage truth or dare, which ends with sensitive Felix being 
walloped in the face by a bully (Jack Gordon, convincing).

Some months later Felix supposedly invites his tormentors to his spooky country home for his birthday; except instead of pass-the-parcel the obnoxious teens end up being tortured in various ways by Felix’s older brother. A cheap, corny British horror, with moments of visual flair.

Better suited to the straight-to-DVD shelves of your local video store, it’s surprising to find this game-of-death horror is receiving a theatrical release. And true, while there is a certain degree of snobbery aimed at films of this ilk, one can’t deny the cheap, but serviceable, spills and thrills that can be delivered by low budget horror. This rule, however, cannot be applied to the lamentableTruth or Dare.

Truth or Dare is often unintentionally laughable, motivationally confused and largely inept. But when you consider that big budget horror productions have all the resources available not to fail, but do, it seems churlish to criticise those who have to work with what they’ve got. Still bloody awful though.

can’t find a good review about it! absolute rubbish!!

Funny cases at a&e

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Accident and emergency rooms must see some strange cases, here are a few i’ve uncovered

There is a story told by NHS nurses about a man who turned up at accident and emergency walking in a strange manner and telling a confused tale.

It transpired that he suffered from constipation, and had been advised to take a boiled egg. Misunderstanding the advice, he took the egg as close as was possible to the problem afflicting him.

Among the funny – and sometimes tragic – stories doing the rounds in hospital casualty departments is the one of the patient who waited hours to see a doctor because the new shoes he had been given for Christmas were giving him blisters.

The man sat patiently for four hours before a doctor was free to see him, and when it was pointed out to him what the problem might be, said: “Gosh, doctor, you could be right.”

Mr Lambert also tells the tale known to many A&E consultants, though no-one is exactly sure where it originates from, of the man who decided to deliver his Christmas presents the traditional way – through the chimney.

“He though he’d be very sensible and tie a rope round his waist,” said Mr Lambert. “He tied the other end of the rope to the bumper of his car and climbed up onto the roof, where he was merrily putting the presents down the chimney when his wife got into the car and drove it off.”

Fortunately, the man was not badly injured, so the story goes.

But his most ridiculous experience came on a Christmas day when a woman rang up asking how long she should cook her turkey.

Mr Randall said: “The nurse who took the call said it was hardly an accident and emergency problem, to which the woman replied: ‘If we don’t cook it properly, we’re going to get food poisoning and we’ll have to come in – then it’ll be your problem’.

One very determined man set about committing suicide. He swallowed copious amounts of vodka and a few nitroglycerin pills to boot. When he was questioned about the bruises all over his head, he told the attending doctor he was ramming his head against the wall to get the nitroglycerin to explode.

Hilarious! i have a funny story of my own, i have very long hair and when my son was three months old i changed him out of his baby grow one morning only to find his big toe was twice the size it should be! panicking i rushed him up to a&e where they told me a strand of my hair was wound so tightly round his toe it was cutting off his circulation! they had to cut his toe and used the smallest tweezers i’ve ever seen to remove it! luckily his toe survived the ordeal and the doctor admitted he’d never seen a case like that before!!! i obsessively checked the feet of his baby grows after that not wanting a repeat performance!!!