Is the grass greener on the other side?

Posted: September 1, 2012 in books

I would have to say no, even though you may see someone who appears happy, has everything you would like it doesn’t mean they are. People see me and even though i have a smile on my face and appear happy, inside i can be boiling with fury! I’ve been with the same man since i was seventeen, going through the same routine day in day out. Taking kids to school housework all those mundane things, yeah i would like loads of money who wouldn’t? not forgetting the drop dead gorgeous underwear model we’d all like to have but would that make me happy? When i found myself wishing for something more instead of turning my life upside down seeking things not meant for me, i changed myself instead. Never in a million years would i have thought i’d see my book up on amazon but it is and people do actually like it, if your bored with your life find something new to focus on. i’m always up for trying new things i’d rewire the house if my husband would let me, even got banished from the house when the ceramic floor tiles  went down because i wanted to do it! Don’t waste your time with other peoples lives, concentrate on your own with ways to improve what you already have. I know too many people who have given up on theirs to find out they are worse off than they were in the first place. Life is hard enough as it is why make it harder, its good to take risks but at what cost?


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