weight loss

Posted: September 1, 2012 in books

I recently lost a fair bit of weight and people asked me how. I don’t do diets and the thought of being red faced and sweaty in a gym full of people makes me cringe! i’ve tried a treadmill but felt like i was heading for a heart attack so i got a excersise bike which is good but slow on the results so i bought a cross trainer and even though it kills me leaving me sweating like no ones business i have actually managed to go from size 14 to a 12 in about three months. I also mix it in with the bike and a 100 sit ups but it is the only thing that has had any results for me. I know all too well what its like trying to lose weight after childbirth especially in my case after girls since i tend to resemble a balloon! i fully recommend the cross trainer there not too expensive and are easy enough to use (and put together which i did myself!) and you can sweat in the privacy of your own home!


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