Your children’s secrets

Posted: September 2, 2012 in books

Would you really want to know everything your child is getting up to? For me i’d have to say yes, i’m lucky to be close to my teenage daughter who does in fact tell me everything even though most of it i’d rather not know! As a teenager i was far from an angel and know all too well the mischief kids can get into! I’m very laid back with my kids and want them to feel they can come to me about anything even if i don’t approve at least i’m there to advise and hopefully steer them in the right direction. Many kids find their parents hard to approach and are fearful of getting in trouble over their mistakes so they keep it to themselves which sometimes leads to things spiraling out of their control! My husband disagrees with my approach saying we are not here to be liked we are their parents not their friends but for me there’s nothing worse than knowing your child is hiding something and is too scared to tell you.

Feel free to post your views on this i’d be interested to hear them!

  1. Growing up I wouldn’t have felt comfortable telling my parents anything and I feel it’s really important that although parents are parents there is some sort of friend aspect too. If you like and love your parents you are more likely to behave as a child and sustain healthy relationships as adults.

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