Posted: September 8, 2012 in books

I have endured six weeks of endless mind numbing kids channels and i have to say some of the stuff they put on is absolute rubbish! what happened to scooby doo? when i watched it the cartoon was about solving mysteries and creepy ghosts now shaggy and velma seem to be an item, one episode i saw had fred looking like a hobo because daphne left him whats that about! and spongebob is the most pointless cartoon i’ve ever seen and yet i found myself glued to it! Ben and holly does my head in as does chowder, i really can’t understand why my kids like these shows although garfield and the simpsons are cartoons i don’t mind watching!!

  1. I know we need Tom and Jerry and The Hairbair Bunch instead of all the new stuff, I hate it. It’s totally different to when I was a young child and I’m only 21!

  2. i agree! i love tom and jerry but some of this new stuff is driving me nuts!

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