Would i disown my child?

Posted: September 13, 2012 in books

Was talking about this the other day and it’s a touchy subject. My kids mean the world to me and i’m very protective over them! all their punishments come from me (which is usually a stern word or a days grounding since i hate seeing them upset!) so i would have to say no to this. There are several reasons why most people do:

Finding out their child is gay

this is a stupid reason, they are your children regardless of their sexual preference!


Now this is a touchy one for me, i wouldn’t disown them but i would turn them in and make them seek help. I probably wouldn’t want to see them and would be very disgusted but to go as far as disowning them as my child i don’t think i would


Again tough one, i suppose it depends on the situation. If in self defence then obviously no.

Getting pregnant at a young age

Nope still my child it’s their life at the end of the day 

Marrying someone you hate

Their choice you don’t have to live with it they do why disown them for that?

Drug abuse & alcoholism

I wouldn’t disown them i’d get them to seek help no matter how many times they relapse

Stealing from you

They wouldn’t be allowed into my home if i wasn’t there but then if my kids want something they tend to ask me

It would have to be an extremely good reason for me to disown my child!


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