Has being a parent changed you?

Posted: September 14, 2012 in books



I used to be quite a loud and overconfident person in my teenage years and once i fell pregnant all that seemed to slip away. I became very self conscious and suddenly shy, maybe it was because i was quite young but as the years went on my life slipped into the background and it was all about the kids. Now they are getting less dependent on me and they are all at school it’s just me out in the world no more kids or pram to hide behind! I’m conscious about my appearance even though people say i look fine, i tend to avoid eye contact with people i don’t know and prefer to go unnoticed! Even when i drive i’m nervous and unsure of myself hesitating all the time lacking the confidence i used to have! Its slowly coming back to me but why is it that i lost it all in the first place? Obviously you can’t be reckless when you have children depending on you but it seems that somewhere along the line my personality disappeared when it became all about the kids. Anyone else have a similar experience?


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