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Posted: September 14, 2012 in books

My seven year old brought this book home yesterday from school which she had to read. I sat down with her as she read the story to me, some of this book i find a little shocking for a children’s book and the way it is worded i feel is wrong for teaching young children to read. This is the book



Here are some examples and they are written how it is in the book:

and he spin up his hat

round and round

and he do like he riding horsey,

“hey, pow, pow!” he said

“i want to fight him,

i want to fight the baby,

i want to fight him so much!”

and they wrestle

he push the baby first,

the baby hit him back

he gave the baby pinch,

the baby give him slap

and then they laugh!

seriously what is this teaching! the baby in the picture can’t be more than two and my daughter kept correcting the way it was worded, and it was like that throughout the book!

  1. No seven year old can make sense of language in a book that is not written with correct grammar. It is way too confusing. That kind of dialogue cannot be understood well until much, much later, when kids are old enough to understand dialects and colloquial speech patters.. As well, the fighting scene, unless the parent steps in to stop it and make it a morality lesson, will send the wrong message. This is BAD. I’d be protesting to the school.

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