Should i use p plates?

Posted: September 15, 2012 in books



having just passed my test two weeks ago i have my car and am still a little nervous especially as i have my youngsters in the back!

P Plates are used by newly qualified drivers. Let us assume you have already taken driving lessons and under the supervision of your instructor, you have managed to park your car, switch lanes, keep a safe distance between you and the vehicle in front of you and performed a number of other basic driving manoeuvres. You passed your test and obtained your driving licence and you are taking the road by yourself for the first time.

This is perhaps an even more daunting experience than the first time you tried driving. This is because driving in a real-life situation, minus the supervision of your driving instructor, will require you to apply all the knowledge that you have gained over the course of your learning how to drive. What if you forget what to do in case you happen to be driving around cyclists? Or maybe you hit the break too soon even before the red light is lit? The fact is that even after passing your test it is natural to feel a little unsure and to not get everything absolutely right.

Fortunately, there is something that you can display on your car in order to indicate that you are a newly qualified driver. This is what P plates are for. Here, we will talk about how displaying P plates on your car will let other drivers know how to give you more leeway on the road, how displaying it is completely voluntary, and everything else that you need to know regarding P plates.

This statement is very true but i have heard negative things about using them, here are a few examples:

Well, I agree and disagree! 

I agree that they are a good idea for those other motorists who will see them and say “ah, a new driver, best be cautious and allow extra room and time”. For these people they have desired effect, and certain situations like at roundabouts and junctions can be made safer, and perhaps Mrs. V will see this and feel more confident and comfortable behind the wheel (if she isn’t already)

However, being a member of the motoring public who did use these not so long ago, I would not recommend their use. After I passed my test, I did the burning of red ‘L’ plate?s ritual, and merrily slapped on some big green ‘p’s. However, I noticed that I seemed to become more of a target for ‘abuse’. It was if the majority (not all) of people were waiting for me to make a mistake, and were all too quick and happy to inform me that I had done so, either through horn tooting or hand gestures. Even in times where I had made NO mistake at all.

I too think they are a good idea, particulary for use on Motorways where they have had no experience and little if any tuition, it gives us all the opportunity to allow them just that bit more room for unexpected manouvres, as it can be pretty scarey out there the first few times!

Yep they are a fantastic idea. It gives you an idea that they may do something you are not expecting, It gives me the chance to give them alot more room and time. Roundabouts are a prime example, If she was infront of me and waiting for a gap then I would be aware that she may not go in the gaps I thought she would. As I said they are a great Idea,They should be law, not voluntary.

I’m not so sure. Having been assisting Mrs V learn to drive I’ve been in a car equipped with ‘L’ plates for the first time in over 20 years. What I’ve noticed is that ‘L’ plates seem to attract moronic behaviour rather than assuage it. Anyway, her test rapidly approaching’ she’s asked me whether I’d suggest she drive using ‘P’ plates if/when she passes. I don’t think this is mandatory so my initial inclination is no on the basis that empathetic drivers seem very thin on the ground whereas those who’d seek to take advantage abound. 

Honestly if you put them on a large number of people will cut you up and generally push you around the road, you would be better off without them  I just remind myself if I stall that I will never see those people again 

Definetly don’t use them I got my license in April had P plates on for a week and the amount of people that cut me up on the road pissed me off. So I took them off and have had them off ever since and needless to say no one cuts me up anymore.

Don’t use them – people treat you with no respect on the road. Even if you’re a poor or inexperianced driver, people won’t know that and they treat you like any other driver, wether you’ve been driving for 50 years or 5 minutes.

lots of mixed views out there! my husband thinks i shouldn’t so what do you think?



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