Amazing magicians

Posted: September 16, 2012 in books

My current favourite magician is dynamo, i have watched many of his shows and am amazed!



Some of his tricks are really freaky like making your friend ring you and pulling chains through his neck!!

here’s some of the tricks he pulled on celebrities:

Dynamo stunned Tinie Tempah by pulling a chain through his own neck and amazed US celebrity power couple Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore by eating a piece of string and pulling it down the length of his torso. Billionaire Richard Branson physically bowed down to him after watching one of his performances and Lindsay Lohan was left speechless after he levitated her from a chair. 

And some info on the man himself:

From an early age, Dynamo was inspired by the impact of hip-hop culture. He was strongly influenced by local breakdancers who fused together a variety of styles and MC’s who promoted themselves through the use of the mix-tape circuit in order to create something new. Steven planned to modernise the magic scene by combining his skills with elements from the urban dance scene. 

Growing up on the rundown Delph Hill housing estate in Bradford with a father who spent large periods of time away in prison, Dynamo (real name Steven Frayne) suffered with a debilitating form of Crohn’s disease as a youngster. Having been introduced to magic by his Granddad, the young Steven Frayne developed his skills as a means to fend off the bullies who teased him about his disease, quickly gaining a reputation as a unique talent within his local community with his incredible sleight of hand. 

2007 started with a bang. Actor Will Smith presented Dynamo with an award on behalf of the Prince’s Trust for his success after receiving a start-up loan from the charity. During his acceptance speech, Dynamo started to choke on a polo mint and without warning pulled a chain through his neck with the Polo attached. The audience were amazed, including Will Smith, who gave Dynamo a glowing endorsement, proclaiming “that man just pulled a lifesaver out of his neck! You scared my son with your magic tricks but that was absolutely stunning!” 

His debut TV series ‘Dynamo: Magician Impossible’ was broadcast on Sky Channel Watch on the 7th July 2011 and quickly broke all viewing records with over 1m viewers tuning in to the first episode in a slot which normally only commands an audience of 100K, total viewings now exceed 18 million. Series 2 starts 5th July 2012.

He truly is an amazing magician! I also like the masked magician even though he broke the magicians code his show had me glued, it was amazing to see how the tricks were actually done!



People now know him as Val Valentino since he unmasked himself at the end of the show



What is the magicians code? this is what he said:

The Masked Magician: Many centuries ago, magicians, witches and sorcerers were murdered for practicing occult or the black art, so magicians and all of the sorceresses would keep their secrets a secret to keep from being murdered. That has carried on, but in the realm of secrecy today because of the Internet, that really doesn’t exist anymore.

when he was asked if the other magicians came after him he said:

MM: Actually, on the magician side, they didn’t understand what my position was in the whole project. The magicians did come after me, but I was amazingly embraced by the public. I think I have created a new generation of magicians that is an academy for the cyber world. They are not after my scalp anymore. The top magicians understood, like David Copperfield always says it didn’t hurt him or bother him at all, it increased the interest of magic for magicians and for lay folk, and to every illusion, he has six other ways to do it. In the show, we reveal some secrets, but the magician can still pull off the same trick, the same illusions and still fool the audience with another secret method I never show!

I really enjoyed the show it didn’t spoil anything for me just intrigued me further!


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