Could you describe yourself in one word?

Posted: September 16, 2012 in books



I often see the question “if you could describe yourself in one word what would it be?” tough one isn’t it! mine would probably be determined since i’m too stubborn to back down from anything but that doesn’t really describe me as a person since i’m also loyal to my friends and family, often moody can be very opinionated and sarcastic! always eager to help someone out if i can, kind, protective like the simple things in life and usually easy to please. Creative and love learning new things and eager to attempt them, sometimes impulsive and can be very shy and lack self confidence. So does determined really describe me in one word? I’d love to see if you can describe yourselves in one word and the meaning behind it!

  1. Visionary – that sounds arrogant, I know. What I mean is that I see the big picture and can go from there to predict results in the grand scheme of things. I see possibilities where others get bogged down in details. It gets me into trouble because others want to stay inside the box and they don’t understand where I am coming from. But I think writers, in general, are more that way than the rest of the people.

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