Why cheat?

Posted: September 17, 2012 in books



i’ve lost track of the amount of friends telling me their partner has cheated on them and they have forgiven them because it was a mistake! There are several reasons people cheat:

1: revenge for your partner cheating on you

2:not getting enough attention from your partner

3: flattered by some sweet talker on a night out

4: sex is lacking or non existent

5: convinced your partner is already cheating

6: insanely attracted to someone else

all these reasons are stupid and pointless! in my opinion the reason anyone cheats is because they no longer love the person they are with so why bother cheating end the relationship because it’s going nowhere. Harsh i know but if you really loved someone you wouldn’t stray no matter what and staying together will make you both miserable if the love has gone.



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