How teachers deal with distraught pupils

Posted: September 20, 2012 in books



The child misses his/her parents and does not know how to deal with those feelings.  The best way to comfort a child in this situation is to get down at their eye level and talk to them in a slow, calm voice.  Reassure them that mom or dad always come back to pick them up.  In a preschool setting, lead the child to a favorite activity or toy and try to engage them in play.  Encourage them to put their tears away so they can have fun at school.  With a kindergarten or primary aged child the teacher needs to take a firmer approach.  After speaking to them in a calm voice and reassuring them, the teacher needs to encourage the child get a tissue then join their classmates in getting on with the routines of the day. 

Sometimes if a child is in a rage and out of control while crying, the best solution is ignore the behavior, making sure they are not in a position to hurt others or themselves, until they regain some control.  Then calm, soothing talking will work with most children. 

Well my five year old is having trouble adjusting to year one in her school and seems to be crying all day coming out of school with puffy eyes. She is also refusing to do any work and has to be coaxed into the classroom continually calling out for me. She was put against the wall at playtime because she didn’t do her work and my other daughter was the one to tell me this as she saw her in the playground crying and calling out for me. I pulled the teacher up on this and was told they needed to take a firm approach with her to get cooperation, that may be true but the thought of my child standing against a wall crying and calling out for me kinda made me want to hurt the teacher! surely there is some other way to deal with this? she isn’t doing her work because she is too busy crying why punish her for that? she’s not being naughty or disruptive just upset! If she was acting out then i would support this action but clearly she is unhappy i never had this problem with her previous teacher in reception class.


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