The worst film ever!

Posted: September 21, 2012 in books



This is the worst film i have seen lately! i had to watch it through to find out the point but i would rather have had my teeth pulled out!!


A group of college friends celebrate the end of term with a party to end all parties. During a drink and drug-fuelled evening, an innocent game of ‘Truth or Dare’ has a very sore loser, sparking a terrifying sequence of events and a whole new twist on the game of truth or dare – where the truth can kill you.

The attraction of ‘truth or dare’ as an idea is simple: it takes an innocent game played by teenagers and students the world over – the core movie audience – and then subverts it by using it as a means of revenge for a crazed young man seeking the truth about his brother.


All the best student bashes include sex, drugs and a cracking game of truth or dare. But the fun goes bad at one knees-up: a nerdy lad kills himself and, three months later, his friends are summoned by his soldier brother to a remote cabin in the woods for some game-related vengeance. And we’re not talking Pictionary. Robert Heath’s horror is riddled with plot holes and atrocious dialogue, but has a couple of brilliantly bananas performances and the odd crunchy jump.

“Be nice,” Gemma informs the rather loathsome Eleanor before a deeply 
unpleasant game of teenage truth or dare, which ends with sensitive Felix being 
walloped in the face by a bully (Jack Gordon, convincing).

Some months later Felix supposedly invites his tormentors to his spooky country home for his birthday; except instead of pass-the-parcel the obnoxious teens end up being tortured in various ways by Felix’s older brother. A cheap, corny British horror, with moments of visual flair.

Better suited to the straight-to-DVD shelves of your local video store, it’s surprising to find this game-of-death horror is receiving a theatrical release. And true, while there is a certain degree of snobbery aimed at films of this ilk, one can’t deny the cheap, but serviceable, spills and thrills that can be delivered by low budget horror. This rule, however, cannot be applied to the lamentableTruth or Dare.

Truth or Dare is often unintentionally laughable, motivationally confused and largely inept. But when you consider that big budget horror productions have all the resources available not to fail, but do, it seems churlish to criticise those who have to work with what they’ve got. Still bloody awful though.

can’t find a good review about it! absolute rubbish!!


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