When to give your child their independence?

Posted: September 23, 2012 in books



What is the right age to give your child independence? I am very protective over my children, i take the younger ones to school and pick them up even when they reach year six! my teens make their own way to school because i can’t be in two places at once but they have to text me upon arrival so i know they are okay. My teens have to be in at 7.30pm, 8pm on weekends and that includes my sixteen year old! I have a park right outside my house which i can see into clearly through my kitchen window and i won’t let my younger ones (5,7,11) out there unless one of their older siblings is with them! You can call me over protective but these days it’s no longer safe for children even though where i live it’s a very close knit community. When i was younger things were easier but now all i seem to hear about is kids going missing or being shot or stabbed in gang related crossfire putting this fear into me. So really when is a good age to give children their independence because for my children i can’t see it coming any time soon!!!

  1. sparrowwords says:

    I’m not a mum and I’m not that old only being 21, but I remember what it was like when my mom like this and to be fair she still can be at times. one thing I would like to ask is where are you? uk? us? or some where else? as i feel that would affect when you give your children more independence, I feel that how you are looking after your is good but typically 16 probably just starting college this september would be a good time to give a little bit more independence as once at college you’re child will be treated like an adult and be expected to behave like one. Im not talking giving complete independence, I’m just talking little things, maybe they get to come home an hour later or they don’t have to text when arriving at college, that what my mom did for me and I appreciated the bit of extra trust and turned out fine and safe. 🙂

    • i live in the uk london. My sixteen year old has on a number of occasions been a target by a group of girls who live local to us and although she is capable of defending herself it worries me if i let her out late at night since this trouble seemed to happen when i let her come home at 9pm hence the earlier curfew

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