Christmas is near!

Posted: September 30, 2012 in books

So with christmas just around the corner my kids are getting ready to bankrupt me!! Adverts are full of toys tempting my younger ones as their list continues to grow! What i find funny about these ads are some of the toys that are out these days

Image Take this doll, teaching your child how to potty train a doll! seriously why do they need to know that? and do i want water all over my house when the doll wets itself! the crying ones are the worst they go on for hours! why when my child is now old enough not to do what these dolls do, would i want a plastic one that does!!!!

The other toy that gets me is this

Imageseriously! getting your child to clean up dog mess is supposed to be fun? obviously they are trying to teach people to clean up after their dogs but a kids game!!!!



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