Posted: October 2, 2012 in books

so as we near 2013 i’m recapping on what has happened this year up to now and what an emotional year it has been! I managed to finally get my first book up on kindle after completing it last year, then i finished my second book and got that up on kindle. Both have received some amazing reviews and i’m overjoyed with that! also i now have them both out in paperback and am eagerly awaiting my copies so i can see how they turned out! I learnt to drive this year and passed my test and my hubby bought me a car so although i’m still very nervous, i can get my kids to school without being squashed up on the bus! I’m also to become a nan (not sure i’m too thrilled with that one since i’m only 35! but i did have them young myself!) and now i may be moving house which is a whole lot of stress in itself! so yeah 2012 has been quite an eventful year!!!!

  1. Jane Risdon says:

    Linda, thanks so much for visiting and following my blog. I appreciate your time and effort and I have enjoyed reading yours. Do pop back and leave a comment sometime, it will be fun chatting to you. I shall pop back again. Have a great week. x

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