Autism my personal experience

Posted: October 4, 2012 in books

Im seeing more and more information on autism these days and would like to share my personal experience about my son who is borderline autistic. He was always a well behaved and quiet baby even though he had some very strange experiences as a baby like ITP which i mentioned in a previous post and the time when he nearly lost his toe due to a strand of my hair (also mentioned in previous post) he also had an umbilical hernia which i had to massage back into place everyday which eventually healed on its own so he did have quite a stressful start to his life! When he was two and a half i had my concerns then, he still wasn’t speaking and liked to play on his own instead of with his other siblings so i contacted my health visitor who arranged an assessment and it was confirmed. He started a special nursery with other children like him which helped,he eventually learned to talk although still wasn’t socializing with others. When out and about that’s when trouble began for me, at first he hated anyone walking behind us so i would have to stop and let everyone pass. Then he wouldn’t let anyone get in front of us and would even go as far as chasing people down the street trying to hit them for getting in front of him which soon became his obsession of always wanting to be first. He had to be the first to get dressed or he would start crying and lashing out, he had to be first in his school line and into class again he would lash out if this didn’t happen. We eventually broke this habit but it took a few years, he also hated the bus when it was crowded and wouldn’t let anyone sit next to him luckily i drive now so i don’t have to deal with that anymore! He used to have a skin fetish when he was little and if he saw any bare skin he had to touch it which was difficult for me when he did it to random strangers! His eating habits are hard, he will only eat food in batter or breadcrumbs and no vegetables so his teeth suffer as does his nails and he doesn’t eat fruit either. 

  He also has to feel his clothes before he wears them and tends to fixate on one particular top and colour but prefers to go topless if he can. He also doesn’t like loud noises and when he was younger and i attended school plays he hated it when people clapped at the end. He still has trouble mixing with people and really doesn’t like to be touched and can also be very blunt in his opinions which can be very embarrasing, my main concern is he will be starting secondary school in 2013 since i want to keep him in mainstream school instead of a special unit but hopefully things will turn out okay for him, his older brothers try to steer him in the right direction by mixing him in with their friends, it is hard bringing up an autistic child but i wouldn’t change him at all!


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