Let’s make things a bit clearer!

Posted: October 9, 2012 in books

Okay so a few people have said that when they read my book it wasn’t what they expected and was pleasantly surprised! so without giving too much away here’s what they are about: in the first one a father’s obsession megan is being chased down by her father who is lets say the villain of the book! He’s desperate to get hold of her hence ” father’s obsession” its based on panthers and wolves (shifters) there is adult content and even though the story line in places some might find disturbing (haven’t had any complaints) it is crucial to the story. It is a paranormal romance but its not just a love story and there is lots of action and i’ve been told it’s fast paced and exciting all the way through. There are lots of different characters who will feature in their own stories along the way through the series, the second is based on a different character (callie) but with the other characters still interacting in the storyline. I would rate it as over eighteens and more in the dark fantasy genre, hopefully that has cleared a few things up let me know if i’ve missed something or you want to know anything else!


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