Why i’ll never be taking my kids to disneyland

Posted: October 12, 2012 in books



Most kids would love to go to disneyland but my youngest girls are terrified! When they see adults dressed up as cartoon characters they freak out! when i went to hastings there was a life size spongebob and barney, and they actually ran into the road screaming! Once there was a dress up day in school and the teacher had to take off her wig because my youngest wouldn’t stop crying! There was an advert on the tv about dora visiting local schools and upon seeing that possibility my youngest had nightmares for a week convinced she was coming to her school! When they see adverts for disneyland i ask if they would like to go there and they shake their heads so that is one resort i won’t be visiting!! Kids can be strange sometimes!!!

  1. Your kids are an inspiration. What a great trait for a character in a children’s story. Especially one whose parents have decided to take a trip to Disney Land. The scrapes they’d get into to avoid going.

    Hope your little one is over her nightmares though.

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