Posted: October 21, 2012 in books



so with Halloween approaching and scary stories circulating i thought i would share my own little creepiness with you. When i came to view my house three years ago i was told that two men had actually hung themselves from the staircase, all the kids called it the haunted house. Since i’ve lived here i can honestly say i haven’t seen anything remotely scary, and have regularly walked around in the dark when getting up to my youngest. My teens on the other hand swear that they have. They don’t like to be left alone day or night and will go out until i come home even though we have an american bulldog which i’m sure would sense something! I was out late once with my husband and my two eldest were left at home while the others were at their nan’s. My eldest went out to see friends leaving my 14 year old indoors, i receive a text from my eldest saying my son swore he saw someone leaning over the banister. He ran out of the house leaving the front door open in search of his older sister! I didn’t find it funny at the time since he left my house open to any intruders (i’m sure the dog would have taken care of that) but looking back i would love to have seen it for myself! The kids are constantly saying they see shadows and hear people walking around when no one is in they clearly have a very over reactive imagination!!


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