Cursed by water!!

Posted: October 23, 2012 in books



I seem to be cursed by water! When i lived in my first flat i had the roof leak for a week, i filled up a baby bath and several saucepans daily until it got fixed! I moved again only to have my kitchen sink overflow flooding out the people below because the stack was blocked. I then moved again and suffered severe condensation due to being overcrowded. The paint literally dripped down the walls and drops of water would fall from the ceilings! Eventually moved to where i am now thinking my troubles were over, now there is a leak in the roof above my girls room leaving the wallpaper peeling from the walls! Not only that, my car has joined in on the act. I have a puddle of water in the back of the car on the floor and have no idea where it is coming from!!

I am literally cursed when it comes to water!

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