Possessive male!

Posted: October 31, 2012 in books

Those of us who enjoy reading the likes of black dagger brotherhood and the dark hunters know that the guys are extremely possessive over their females. Now i know some of you would love to have one of these guys but would you really? I have a very possessive husband and it’s not that great! Don’t get me wrong, it’s wonderful to know that he only has eyes for me but it can get a little smothering sometimes! Going out can be a nightmare, he spends the whole time watching me, and eye’s any males who approaches with suspicion.He sits with a constant arm around me the entire time, making sure everyone knows that i am his! I tease him constantly telling him all he needs is a club to bash me over the head with, so he can drag me back to our cave! It’s not just the males, he is the same if a female approaches! It doesn’t matter if she is simply asking for the time, he makes a point of telling her he is sitting with his wife. It’s always nice to feel loved and secure in a relationship but i am not a possession! And as i have pointed out to my husband many times, the only person who owns me is me! 


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