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Having recently acquired a Macbook i wanted to give my opinion on which system runs better. They both have their pros and cons, i find apple a much sleeker design and you don’t get the issue of viruses or registry cleaners. Having said that there are not as many applications as windows, also i really do miss being able to right click! Windows programs won’t run on apple unless you use out of date ones but then they can’t be updated. And if you are a gamer then the Macbook is not for you as there are very few games for them.

You can put a windows operating system on them with bootcamp leaving you able to switch between the two, but even though you can upgrade a mac it is easier to buy a new one. The system on a Mac is far more stable than windows with fewer crashes. 

I can’t really choose between them as to which is a better system, so i use both for different purposes, although i am still getting used to the different functions having been a windows user for years so my opinion may change!

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