An Amazing read

So as part of my 2013 to do list i have made for myself, i vowed to catch up on my reading list. Not an easy task since there is only one of me and probably a thousand books in my to read pile!

Finally having finished with my rewrite, i kind of skipped my actual to read list and tried out a few of my Facebook author friends work. Each were equally as good as each other and mostly in my usual reading genre. I did however read one which was a complete first for me. I have never really been interested in biographies but this one did however catch my attention.

I actually abandoned everything to read this book, i did not move until i had finished it! My lovely children took full advantage of this and i spent the rest of the day cleaning the house but it was worth it. I was totally blown away by this book, how anyone could go through these things and still survive is truly amazing. There was only ever one time in my life that i can even mildly relate to what he has been through, that in itself nearly tore me apart. To go through all of that leaves me in complete awe of this man’s strength.

The way he writes and tells his story draws you in completely. I doubt anyone could read this book and not feel totally heart broken, i know i was. Definitely an emotional rollercoaster ride to read bringing out all sorts of feelings for the reader, anger,protectiveness and sorrow to name a few. An absolute must read, the kind of book that still plays on your mind days after you have read it. I will definitely be reading any future work from this author.


This is where you will find his book:

This is where you can check out his website:


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  1. Yasmina S. says:

    Totally agree!! Ths book is one of a kind… Awesome. It’s one of hose, that yu think everyone you know, HAS to read!

    1. it certainly is yasmina 🙂

  2. I just want to say thank you, Linda, for writing such a great review for my book, and helping me share my story about surviving abuse and overcoming suicide.
    Yasmina… Thank you as well. I definitely appreciate you taking the time to comment with such kindness and support :]

    1. you are welcome Nathan 🙂

  3. Definitely worth reading. Possibly one of the best memoirs out there. What’s next from the author?

    1. I thought so too Patti, I am not sure what he has planned next. I know he is working on several projects, here is a link to his page I am sure he would be happy to answer any questions you may have 🙂

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