Personal Sacrifices

How far would you go for those you love? We all at some point have sacrificed our needs for those we hold dear but when is the point where we stop? Where you get in so deep, time has taken its toll and you can no longer bring yourself to hurt the person you have made sacrifices for. So instead you suffer in silence, losing a piece of yourself everyday your life no longer has much meaning. A total shadow of your former self watching as the person you gave your all to, continues their life in blissful ignorance of your suffering.

You know if you saw a friend in a similar situation your advice would be to speak up for themselves, take control. You are in no position to give this advice when you yourself choose not to follow it. Waiting and hoping somehow things will change, some mysterious savior will come to your aid rescuing you from the situation you have put yourself in. The chances of this are slim, only you can get yourself out of it, the question is are you strong enough?

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  1. Jane Risdon says:

    Interesting thought Linda, I shall keep it in mind because I always go that extra mile for everyone and sometimes (well many times) it is not even noticed let along appreciated. But then I don’t do things for either but now and again it would be nice to be acknowledged when going that extra mile.

    1. exactly, i will help out anyone if i can but some people just take it for granted and it becomes expected of you. Then you feel bad to let them down so you put their needs above your own

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