Sold into marriage review



This is not the usual type of book I go for, I am more of a paranormal romance kinda gal. Having said that i found myself glued to this book! Set in an historical era, Isabel is living in a debtors prison after her father had gambled all of their money away. Sebastian’s mother’s dying wish is to see her only son get married before she passes. Isabel used to be from a family with class and because of the situation she is in now makes her the perfect choice. Easy to mold into the perfect wife without all the trouble of being Sebastian’s actual wife, or so he thought! I admit, I did spend most of the book hating Sebastian. I loved Isabel’s character, even though she was falling hard for him she remained strong despite his treatment of her. You couldn’t help feeling a little sorry for Sebastian even though his suffering was in fact self inflicted. A very enjoyable read, well written with a well developed cast of characters. Five stars, go grab a copy!

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