Self published authors

I have recently heard a few people mention that they have a distrust of self published books. This claim is totally unwarranted, it is true people are entitled to their opinions but their reasoning is poor. Ranging from the fact that if their work isn’t published by a brand name publisher then it can’t be any good and must be of poor standard. While it is true that some self published books do contain minor errors (my own work included since i didn’t have an editor when i first released it) this doesn’t mean the actual story is not worth reading. I have read many books under brand named publishers which have contained errors and still enjoyed the story. I have also found some of the published work to be completely boring and a total waste of time, it is down to the individual readers taste not who published it. When I look for a book to read, I don’t go searching out who published it. If I like the sound of the story then I will read it. I have read many self published books and totally loved them and think they are deserving enough to be up there with the bestsellers. A lot of hard work goes into writing and publishing a book, especially when you are doing it all by yourself. To judge an author on the basis of whether they are self published or not is ridiculous and small minded. I love losing myself in a good book even if it does contain minor errors. If the story is good enough to hold my interest, then overlooking minor mistakes isn’t that hard to do. Those who feel the need to point out every little mistake even though they did in fact enjoy the story, this I find totally unnecessary. While feedback is important I don’t lower a rating on a book I loved because of a few minor mistakes.

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