How do they come up with that?



I am not a gamer myself but I have to say I would really love to meet the people who come up with the ideas for some of these games. Silent hill on the Playstation has always captured my attention, I don’t play it myself since I find games consoles far too frustrating but I do like to assist in the puzzle solving. For those of you who haven’t seen the silent hill games, they are generally creepy with a very strange assortment of deadly monsters. The earlier games had manic nurses who would freeze until you moved then go crazy on your ass.



Then you would have twisted monsters with limbs all over the place, dogs with no skin and not forgetting the extremely large pyramid guy with his equally large sword which was so big he would have to drag it along behind him!

Image   Image


The game would shift, walls bleeding until you end up in an alternative world where you run around in near darkness trying to fight off whatever comes your way. This is the kind of game I enjoy watching but it really does make you wonder how the hell anyone can come up with the idea, did they just wake up one morning and say ‘I think I will create some very messed up monsters and build them an equally messed up world to live in.’ (Sounds like an author!) A very disturbed mind indeed but a good one. It is amazing how they put these games together, the way you are able to interact with the objects and puzzles and just how do those monsters know where to find you?

I love these games,they are like your own personal horror movie which you can control. I even prefer the game to the actual Silent hill films, much more action involved in the games. Overall a pretty gruesome game the kind of stuff that lives in your nightmares, very enjoyable!


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