What were your childhood ambitions and did you succeed in fulfilling them?

Posted: March 18, 2013 in books

We all had ambitions in our youth, I had a few myself. I wanted to swim with dolphins, be a writer or an artist. Definitely didn’t get the chance to swim with dolphins, in fact I am actually scared of the sea. As for an artist, I tried out the usual things college etc but regrettably didn’t get anywhere. That leaves being a writer, as for succeeding well that remains to be seen. I have written the books, reviews have been promising so I guess you could say I succeeded in that aspect but to what extent who knows 🙂

  1. We all have dreams of what we want our life to be like when we finish our schooling. My own path was diverted by my parents as my chosen one was ‘not a financially promising one’…! I have always been creative, trying out many forms but have found writing later in life and it consumes me. Without the experiences I had maybe I would not be able to create my characters quite so well?
    Life, spirit, fate – whatever you call it – takes you down paths you need. So enjoy the journey.

    • Very true, my parents pushed me towards a career in art. Enrolled me in college even paid out for all the supplies and while I did and still do enjoy sketching, my heart was never fully into it. I eventually rebelled as most teenagers do and went on to have my children, like you I have returned to writing later in life who knows what would have happened otherwise 🙂

      • Now that’s a weird coincidence – I wanted to do art & my art teacher got me accepted 3 years before I was old enough to go to art college in London! My parents decided nursing was a better career route – oh boy!

  2. Lol parents can be very pushy when it comes to their children, only with the best intentions of course but sometimes not what is best for the child they are encouraging. When I gave up college my mum pushed me to attend a graphic design course, this would have been fine if I hadn’t been terrified of computers 🙂 spent most of the course doing the drawing by hand and using the photocopier!

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