My life as a writer

Posted: March 21, 2013 in books

First of all you may have read bits and pieces here and there that I have written on this so some of this post may sound familiar. As you may know I am a very busy mother and wife also soon to become grandmother, fitting writing into my life can become difficult at times. I love writing, so many ideas run through my head everyday and I have to keep a notepad handy to write them down before I forget! I want to do so many things but finding the time to do it all is my problem. At the moment I am waiting on the re- release of my first book in the series which is very exciting but also nerve wracking. When I originally released it under it’s previous name it was all done by me and if I am honest wasn’t exactly up to scratch however I still received very good reviews. Now it is all being done professionally I am hoping it does even better but then don’t we all? I am doing edits at the moment which sometimes can be hard and also a little disheartening discovering just how many mistakes I have made but at least I know in the end it will be the best it can be. Writing is extremely time consuming and also a strain on my marriage sometimes. I become quite withdrawn, swept up in creating my world. Nothing beats being able to do that and see how the story unfolds, much like when you are reading a book but instead you are the one directing the story. I have so many different projects going on at the moment and am constantly thinking up different plots in my mind, if it wasn’t for my husband I would probably never sleep! I only wish I had started writing sooner instead of abandoning it years ago. I write because I enjoy it and truthfully find it hard not to, regardless of any bad reviews I may receive I will continue to do so and take on board any comments to help me with future releases. I am happy with what I have written so far and for me, that is what counts the most 🙂


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