What annoying habits do you have?

Posted: March 22, 2013 in books

I admit I have some rather strange ones. In my teenage years I had an obsession with peeling paint off railings whenever I was near them, I even started peeling the paint off my own staircase banisters whenever I walked down them. Luckily I broke from that habit, constantly having to repaint them wasn’t exactly on my list of favorite things to do.

In my even younger years I used to love covering my hands in PVA glue at school. I’m sure at least a few of you out there used to do the same and spend ages peeling it off only to repeat the process again or until the teacher took it away from you 🙂 I even tried doing the same with wax from a candle a few times but that was a rather painful habit, one which I gave up quite quick.

One habit that has unfortunately stayed with me through the years is picking at loose thread on clothing. I used to drive my mother insane making holes in the sleeves and hems of my tops. I still do it now only it is my husband I am driving insane instead of my mother, especially when he pulls on a top only to find it is covered in holes. I try to limit it, and only do it to tops I use for housework or decorating but I still on occasion am guilty of ruining a perfectly good top if I am out and just sitting about. People say it is a nervous thing but why would I be nervous when sitting in my own house? It is just a habit I picked up, one which is hard to break.

What are your annoying habits?

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