Strange events

Posted: March 29, 2013 in books

people who know me may have heard me mention my cars strange behavior. Now i’m no mechanic and while it’s quite possible it is simply down to something along those lines, for now I have to put up with the strange behavior. So this is the first car I ever had having only past my test September 2012, after a few weeks I began having trouble with the locks. It’s an old car so manually locked/ open. Sometimes all of the doors would open, sometimes only the drivers door would open. The boot suddenly refused to open and apparently the dealer had neglected to tell us that it had a different lock so we couldn’t open it with the key. We went on like this for a while, pot luck as to whether the boot would open. On a number of occasions I would go out in the morning and find that the boot had unlocked itself, luckily the doors had remained closed. 

We then started to notice that the floor behind the passenger seat was becoming quite wet and could find no apparent reason for it. This continued for a while and soon spread to the other side so we took it to a garage. They put it up on racks and there was no damage underneath the car and as they lifted back the carpets they were scooping water out, it was that bad. They couldn’t find any reason for the water to be there and suggested I may have gone through a deep puddle and the water found its way inside somehow. (All door seals etc were checked and found to be intact)

I then started to get a problem with the gas pedal which would sometimes refuse to let me speed up and then would freak me out by pushing itself down (I had someone else drive it to see if it did the same for them and it did, so I wasn’t losing my mind 🙂 ) 

The radio and heating began cutting off at random times which was also quite freaky especially when it would start up again at the same place it left off. Then the car began locking me in and no matter how hard I tried to lift the locks they wouldn’t budge so I had to wait a few moments, restart the car and then the locks would release. (And yeah on these occasions I couldn’t get out quick enough) So I have a car that may not let me in or out, water pools in the back and leaves a little ice rink when its been freezing over night. The radio cuts off randomly and the gas pedal has a life of it’s own, quite scary stuff for a first time driver. Since it’s a Volkswagon I have dubbed it Herbie, there may be a perfectly good explanation for all of this but I have had quite a few garages look it over and they haven’t found one yet!


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