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Eerily similar thoughts

Posted: April 30, 2013 in books

Have you ever noticed that when you share your life with someone for many years you start to think the same? I have been with my husband for eighteen years and although we are very different people we sometimes think along the same lines. I could be sitting there thinking about something and all of a sudden he would voice exactly what I was just thinking! 

We haven’t reached the stage where we are finishing each others sentences but we do have eerily situations sometimes, I would be trying to ring him and vice versa at the same time or he would bring home something for dinner that I was thinking of asking him to get.

Has anyone else experienced this sort of thing with a long term partner? It can be extremely unnerving sometimes 🙂


Children and relationships

Posted: April 27, 2013 in books

I was discussing this with a friend the other day and she was saying she would choose her children over her husband any day. I do tend to agree with this, you can replace a husband but you cannot replace your children. The reason for our discussion was that she felt her husband was too harsh with the children and they disagreed over what actions were punishable. Not the most patient of fathers he would either ground them or take away their laptop for arguing with their siblings. 

I do agree that this is an over- reaction, siblings argue all the time is that really a reason to punish them? I am a very over protective mother of my children, any punishment is dealt with by me (usually a few empty warnings) I feel that in order to punish my children they would have had to have done something very bad.

Some people say relationships break apart because of children but us mothers will side with them, we carried them inside for nine months they are our babies no matter how old they are. The love between husband and wife will never compare to the love between a mother and her child they are a piece of us and always will be 🙂

I want to hear from all you writers out there, personally since I began my series I have to say it has put a strain on my relationship at times. There is so much that goes into writing a book and even though I can be in the same room as everyone while I’m writing It doesn’t actually mean I am there. I am totally wrapped up in my thoughts that I can completely ignore my surroundings while making up my own little world :).

It is difficult since I am busy during the day and usually don’t get time to write until later in the day when most people settle down as a family. It becomes even worse when I am editing and I sometimes continue deep into the night wanting to get it finished. So many ideas run through my brain that I simply have to write them down and my family do find this hard to deal with sometimes.

They are supportive to a degree but sometimes feel that they are not wanted, obviously this isn’t the case. I love writing and since I am doing a series plus a few other projects, I need the alone time to concentrate. Am I being selfish? I don’t think I am, I wouldn’t ask them to give up something they enjoyed doing. Is it just me who is like this? How do you find time to write? I do try to limit the amount of time I spend on writing but any less and I wouldn’t be able to write at all!

Am I alone in this?


Posted: April 25, 2013 in books



Squirrels, cute aren’t they but also quite spiteful. Where my children go to school there are loads of squirrels running about, some are even quite brave and will actually get in your way rather than avoiding you. I remember once that on the way back from the school before I was driving I was walking through the alley way towards the shops. Two teenage girls were kind of running in circles and screeching, when I got closer I noticed that there was a baby squirrel jumping at them and obviously lost since it kept running up and down these girls legs and refusing to leave their side.

When I returned later that afternoon I was walking with a friend, I rounded the corner with my daughter in the pushchair and suddenly I hear a yelp from behind. The squirrel had returned and was climbing all over her, she managed to shake it off and rushed on ahead of me. Unluckily for the people walking behind us the squirrel used them as a new target, by the time my children came out of school someone had captured it and put it in a shoe box. It was apparently bleeding and we had a vet not far from there so the person was taking it to the vet, so as cute as squirrels are would I get close to one? Hell no! My friend was left with scratches all over her legs and back I think I will stick to admiring them from afar 🙂

Not the wisest of ideas!

Posted: April 24, 2013 in books

Yesterday wasn’t exactly the best of days although it was definitely eventful. I have a bench set in my garden which we got given from someone we knew in a pub, not the most stable of things and was definitely in need of some maintenance. As with most things, we never got around to doing it. I have a habit of sitting on the table top and resting my feet on the bench, not the best idea and I was soon to find out.

Sun shining I went out into the garden and took my usual seat on the table top, a loud crack sounded and I promptly went straight through the table. Throwing my arms out I managed to stop myself from hitting the floor but not without injuries, my elbows and the backs of my legs took the brunt of it as did my back. It could have been a lot worse, when I looked down beneath the table the supporting beam was face up with the sharp end of several nails sticking up. This would have been where I would have landed if I hadn’t stopped myself.

My husband thought it was hilarious and had it been the other way round I probably would have laughed too, in fact I actually did laugh about it after but my husband was about to get his own bout of misfortune.

Later that day he decided he wanted to do a barbecue, despite only having half a table (three slats remaining after I broke the other three :)) It took a while to get it lit since the charcoal we had was damp, we added a new lot and he removed the other charcoal and put it back in the bag. Apparently some of the old charcoal had lit because the bag started smoldering, my husband tipped it into the barbecue along with the other charcoal. One piece dropped on the floor and without thinking he picked it up with his bare hands, naturally it was hot and he ended up with second degree burns on his hand.

Not the best of days for us but a lesson learned (hopefully :))


One rule for us and another for them

Posted: April 23, 2013 in books

I had a doctors appointment the other day and was told if I was ten minutes late I wouldn’t be seen. I actually arrived five minutes early and took a seat, my appointment time comes and passes and I am finally seen forty-five minutes later!

How come if I am ten minutes late I won’t be seen and yet they can keep me waiting for as long as they like? Half the time there is no-one in the room with them so what are they doing? Catching up on Facebook? E-mailing friends?

Seriously what is the point of making an appointment if you aren’t going to be seen at that time? It’s tempting when you finally get called to say ‘sorry i’m not ready yet, give me half an hour and I will be with you’

What would your ideal job be?

Posted: April 22, 2013 in books

Hmm, so many things to choose from. It would definitely have to involve books, a paid book reviewer now there is something I would definitely enjoy. Or something to do with music, I love music although I couldn’t be a singer 🙂 I wanted to work in a library or a bookstore but I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t get anything done being surrounded by all those books.

I guess my ideal job is in fact what I already do, writing is my passion and I really can’t think of anything I would rather do (other than reading of course, but writing always comes before that)

What is your ideal job and why?

Not so welcome memory!

Posted: April 20, 2013 in books

I got talking to an old friend about when we were younger and she brought up a not so pleasant event from my past!

I left school at sixteen and went straight into full time work in a supermarket stacking shelves. The job description meant that I had to spend a fair bit of time in the warehouse retrieving stock for the shop floor. The warehouse workers were all male of various ages, at first I was a little intimidated by having to go down there alone but they soon became friendly joking around with me and I felt a little more at ease. After a while a few of them went past friendliness and began pestering me to go out with them, using flattery to help their cause. I politely refused their advances but unfortunately they continued, matters were made worse by my floor manager who decided to attempt his own advances. He would catch me in the lift standing so close that we were touching, he also had this annoying habit of tugging on my earlobes. When I protested against this he would say ‘I think you like it’. 

I made a complaint against his behavior and although it did stop his advances he then became hostile towards me. He would shout and swear at me on the shop floor for no reason, he even caused a customer to complain about his behavior towards me. I did eventually leave because of him, I couldn’t take his verbal abuse any longer and all because I refused his advances.

I did actually make the mistake of befriending one of the warehouse workers before I left, he seemed one of the nicer men. He would tell the others to back off and leave me alone. I thought he was funny and quite charming, also very good looking. He was younger than the rest and we did eventually go out a few times but I ended it, he began to want more than I was willing to give he was after all twenty six at the time.

Looking back I cringe at the memory. Most of these guys were the age I am now, married and had kids. Why the hell were they interested in a sixteen year old girl? and what was I thinking going out with a guy of that age? Nothing, is the answer to that question. At the time all I could think of was bragging about how an older guy was interested in me, absolutely anything could have happened to me and no-one would have known. I knew nothing about him and yet went out with him anyway.

Not one of my finer moments but then unfortunately at that age I didn’t really think about consequences 🙂

What makes you decide to buy a book?

Posted: April 18, 2013 in books

For me obviously the cover is the first to attract my attention as well as the title, I admit if the cover isn’t that appealing then I probably won’t go on to read the blurb. Whether the author is a bestseller or self-published doesn’t feature in my decision, neither does someones recommendation although I do take that into consideration but since everyone’s tastes vary I wouldn’t buy a book on that basis alone.

I very rarely read sample chapters or excerpts unless I am asked to and I don’t buy a book because I have seen the film.

Good cover and title, intriguing blurb and I am usually hooked. If it doesn’t turn out quite as good as I expected then so be it, any book is a chance you take on whether you will like it 🙂

Personality test

Posted: April 17, 2013 in books

I did a personality test on a website to determine what kind of writer I am. These were the results:

Brave creative. You are a self expressive writer who is focused on an almost spiritual kind of creative growth. Your writing is filled with courage, honesty, and personal authenticity. You dare to share the secret hurts and pains others try to hide. The gift you bring to the world is one of self-understanding, self-acceptance, and the permission to become amazingly flawed and human. Your greatest joy would be in knowing that your words have rescued others in the same way that they have rescued you.

Not sure how true this is, my writing definitely touches on some tough subjects containing courageous characters and there is a lot of pain and hurt. As for knowing my words have rescued others, not too sure on that part. I would however have greatest joy knowing people enjoyed my words and would like to continue doing so 🙂

Go over and have a try yourself, do come back and comment on what your results were 🙂