Have we been doing our children harm all these years?

Posted: April 1, 2013 in books

Having been six years since I last had a baby in the household I was shocked to find just how much things have changed. The midwife visiting my daughter explained water is no longer used for babies, either in the case of thirst or jaundice apparently formula is sufficient. What about hiccups and if they are still searching for food after their bottle is finished? I was always advised water in that situation. Bottles are no longer stored in the fridge and you have to make them up as you go, this in itself is difficult. Your baby is hungry, screaming for a feed and you have to wait for the water to cool down before you can make a bottle!

Then there’s weaning, I remember when you could start at three months now it’s 6-8 months before you can start. The midwife even said they like you to wait until six weeks before you bath your newborn baby, what the hell is that about?

Have I caused damage to my children all these years? I think not, they are perfectly fine and I can’t see why they keep wanting to change a process that has been in effect for years it really is getting ridiculous.

  1. Just idiotic! Go with your instincts they are always right. Just wait, another year and the ‘rules’ will change again. It’s like babies on their backs, then their sides then their fronts…then back to square one.
    I don’t know who makes this stuff up but they have too much time on their hands for sure.

  2. Stacy Margaret Allan says:

    I used to make lots of bottles of boiling water and I took them out when we went out in the car so all I had to do when Maya cried was put the formula in the bottle and put the lid back on and mix it by shaking it about. No one believed it could work but it did. She didn’t bother about having warm bottles, she just wanted the milk x x

    • None of mine would drink their milk unless it was warm, my grandson is the same. I just can’t understand why after all these years, suddenly we can no longer store them in the fridge it never did my kids any harm. My youngest is six and it was fine to do it when she was a baby 🙂

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