Is the NHS going downhill?

Posted: April 1, 2013 in books

This is a bit of a long post but one which you should read, I have tried to minimize it but it was over a few days and hard to fit in all the events.

My daughter recently gave birth to my grandson and lets just say I was completely appalled by the hospital and it’s staff. They had a ban in place on visitors due to the Norovirus which is understandable but my daughter is only sixteen. From the start, we were told both I and her boyfriend could accompany her during labour but on arrival this was not the case and I was asked to leave. My daughter became very distressed by this, she was scared and wanted us both by her side to support her. After much argument and given her young age I was allowed to attend and was told to come back when she was transferred to the labour ward. I was told she would be given the gel to induce her (she had gestational diabetes) straight away and another application a few hours later, this was not the case. My daughter rang me and said they only did it once and since she had started mild contractions would not do it again, she also had two cannula’s inserted into each hand with no explanation as to what they were for.

She went in at 2pm on the saturday and by 10pm had no pains, every time she asked what was happening they would tell her someone would come and see her but they never bothered. By 8am the next day still nothing and no explanation as to what was going to happen next, I eventually got a phone call at 5pm on the sunday to come up as she was being transferred to labour ward where they would break her waters. When I got there I asked about the cannula and was told it was for her insulin and fluid when she went into full blown labour, I asked why they didn’t explain it to my daughter and they said they had so obviously they didn’t explain it enough for her to understand otherwise she would have been able to tell me herself.

Hours dragged and eventually the pains grew stronger, the midwifes made a few appearances but really should have been keeping a closer eye given her age and the sudden rise in blood pressure. I noticed the adjoining toilet has blood covering the floor, I mentioned it to the midwife and the whole two days I was there it had not been cleaned.

My daughter began having an urge to push, the midwife refused to examine to see if she was fully dilated and kept telling her not to push. I asked ‘how do you know if she shouldn’t push when you won’t examine her?’ She said she didn’t want to interfere with the labour and the baby will come when he is ready. This is the most ridiculous thing I had ever heard, if you don’t examine then you won’t know! She went on her break and another midwife covered her. I asked this midwife the same question and she did an unofficial examination, said his head was nice and low and my daughter should attempt to push which she did. The previous midwife returned and wasn’t happy by this, she did an examination and said she was only 6cm dilated and now swollen because of the pushing (due to the other midwifes suggestion)

The need to push became too much and my daughter was exhausted having not slept and been having contractions since the day before, they decided on an epidural and after a few more hours decided to use the hormone drip (which in my opinion and from my own experience should have been done in the beginning) By 5pm monday they decided to do a cesarean and that I  would have to leave and wouldn’t be able to return. I had to go home not knowing whether my daughter and grandson came through surgery okay.

An hour later I received the phone call saying they were both doing okay but my grandson may need surgery for a defect in his genitals. When I spoke to my daughter later that night she said none of that had been explained to her and that her boyfriend had been told to leave even though they had said he would be able to remain for 24 hrs. Once they moved her onto a different ward she found out he would have been allowed to stay on that one so now she was left alone in pain and still numb from the operation. When I spoke to her the next day she said the baby had been choking in the cot, she had used the call button for help but no one came so she had to drag herself out of the bed barely able to move so she could help him.

The horror stories of her stay continued, one nurse came to her and pushed on her stomach not realizing she had a cesarean, another accidently pulled the tube from the epidural out of her back. She went to use the shower to find the floor soaked and covered in blood. Besides all this she still hadn’t had it explained to her what would happen with the baby’s defect, he wasn’t weeing and orange stuff was coming out into the nappy. He also wasn’t feeding and just kept bringing up mucus. None of the midwifes were concerned, every time she asked them to come they never did. Angry I rang up since I wasn’t allowed onto the ward, I asked the doctor what was going to happen with the defect and the fact orange stuff was coming out. She said it was all explained to them, I said obviously it wasn’t made clear to them and asked her to explain it to me. Her reply ‘I don’t know enough about the baby’ so then how the hell did they explain it to my daughter! I also asked why his lack of wee and feeding wasn’t being monitored she said it was fine and he will grow out of it!

I have had six children, three of them I was induced with and those were all born in the same hospital. I have never had the treatment my daughter received, I was monitored throughout and once on the ward the midwifes made sure to check baby was feeding, weeing etc. I am not sure if this total neglect is because of her age or simply because the midwifes she received were incompetent but I will be lodging a complaint and am totally disgusted by the whole thing!


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