Memory foam mattress, like or dislike?

Posted: April 11, 2013 in books

Having just got one of these I have to say I am still a little undecided. They seem to be so high in comparison to standard mattresses, when it first went on my bed I did have a little O.M.G moment thinking I may need a step ladder to actually get on it. When I finally did manage to climb the mattress mountain you end up with a sinking feeling. Now those of you who have one of these may disagree, but for me I found it a little unsettling. Laying back I felt as though I was being sucked into the mattress! Getting out of the bed is also quite a challenge especially if your bed is positioned like mine and is pushed up against the wall where I have to climb on the end to get into it.

If anyone out there owns one of these I would love to hear from you and see how you cope with the strange sensation of it. My husband suggested getting the pillow to go with it, I think I will definitely give that a miss I would actually like to be able to sleep at night not having to worry whether I will disappear into all that foam!

  1. Jane Risdon says:

    Mum has one and she finds it hard to climb in. Mind you it would need one hell of a memory to deal with her tossing and turning all night. Seems to be Linda that you have the making of a night mare story there – the mattress that devours people and takes them where????? If you are not around for a while I will have to come looking….

  2. Lol you may have to Jane, I couldn’t get out of it quick enough this morning I was up at six 🙂

  3. stacyauk says:

    Lol Linda, I’ve never slept on a foam mattress so I don’t know whether I would like it or not. Having read what you wrote, I was laughing out loud. I had visions of you shouting for help! x x 😀

    • Lol, it can get like that especially in the morning when I am half asleep trying to get out of the bed. It kind of moves with you, it’s like fighting against quick sand 🙂

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