Too overprotective?

Posted: April 11, 2013 in books

Everyone says I am too overprotective of my kids, I have a small park directly across from my house and yet I won’t let my seven and five year old go out there unless they are with me or an older sibling. It seems my instincts are correct, earlier they accidentally kicked their ball over the garden fence into the neighbours garden.

My husband told them to go and ask them if they could have the ball back which they did, when they returned they told me that the neighbours asked them to come inside and wait because it was cold.

No guesses that I was far from happy with this, yes I know what my neighbours look like and obviously where they live but they have never visited my house or I theirs, we are not friends and the only words we have ever exchanged is a ‘hello’ in passing. I am sure they are perfectly nice but I would never invite a child into my house without their parents and I don’t want my children walking into other peoples houses. The fact is you never know these days, far too many horror stories on the news so needless to say my girls will not be retrieving their ball again without being accompanied by me or their older siblings. They received a firm lecture as did their father lol

  1. Hmmmm, in this case I do think it is a bit too much. Your husband knew where they went and why. I understand that you want to make sure your kids remain safe but the likelihood of a neighbour abusing them is so slim. And you don’t want them to grow up fearing everyone and everything. It’s hard to find that balance, though, so I do understand where you are coming from. Now if your husband had not told them to go and ask for the ball and you did not know where they went that would be different.

    • I understand where you’re coming from Yvonne the point is that my kids should know better than to go into someone house, they have been told countless times about accepting sweets from strangers etc and yet they went ahead and entered. My neighbours have children of their own who go to school with my older children and I agree the likelihood of anything happening is very slim, neither do I want them to fear everyone and anything but the fact remains they cannot be trusted as they have proven many times. All it takes is a car to pull up beside them next to the park and I fear that they would go willingly.

  2. I know exactly where you are coming from! It is always worse case scenario with me too. My Mother was absolutely horrified when I scared the B-Jesus out of my children when they were young – I knew their ‘triggers’ that would get them walking away with a stranger so I used events to scare them – it worked they both are conscious of their personal safety (21 yrs & 16 yrs) I just explained an adult would NOT want a child to assist them – i.e. finding a dog or cat! When they were older I bought walkie talkies for them & they had to report in if they moved from one friends house to another. We lived in a small English village but I still made the rule.
    It only takes a fraction of a second for them to disappear.

    • That is so true Mandy, I am always hearing about vans supposedly driving around looking for children. How true these rumors are I don’t know but I am not willing to find out. Several cases of missing children usually end up being someone close to them or their surroundings you just never know these days.

  3. Stacy Margaret Allan says:

    I agree with you, I wouldn’t like to take the chance and it scares me when my children go out to play in the park behind my house but I can’t keep them in all the time, especially when they look out the window and see all the other kids playing. I watch them from the window, which none of the other parents in these flats seem to do x x

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