Series or standalone?

Posted: April 13, 2013 in books



I have to say there is a love- hate relationship between me and book series. My tastes have varied over the years having gone from the horror genre then onto crime novels and now to the paranormal gene. Most of the books I used to read were standalone and at the time I was quite content with that, breaking into the paranormal genre I entered into the dreaded series. Don’t get me wrong I love book series especially when they continue with each characters own story, the downside to them is cliffhangers and having to wait ages for the next release. Obviously these things are done intentionally to keep the readers interest ( Having written my own series I have a bit more appreciation) but there is nothing more frustrating than reaching the end of a good book and being left hanging 🙂 I guess the advantage of standalone books is that you avoid this situation but it would have to be one hell of a book to impress me now that I have been reading series for so long.

I remember the first series I read, House of the night by P.C. Cast. When I finished the first book I immediately went out searching for the next one in need of finding out what happens next. Not content with my suffering I sought out any other series I could find and became hooked. Now my reading pile has tripled and I have to keep a note book filled with release dates lol.

Which do you prefer reading? Series or standalone?

  1. I love series. Especially if they are fantasy.

  2. Synithia W says:

    I like series when each book is about a different character. It has to be a great story for me to stay interested in the same character. Especially in romance (what I read). Once they find love the story is kinda over.

    • Very true Synithia, I have come across a few that contain the same character but as you pointed out they really do have to be intriguing for me to continue with them 🙂

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