Washing machine hell!

Posted: April 17, 2013 in books



I see myself as somewhat of an expert when it comes to washing machine performance. Having had many over the years and doing washing for eight people (now nine since arrival of grandson) I think I am qualified enough to make judgement.

I have in the past been guilty of overloading, obviously with so many clothes the washing sometimes climbs up the walls so I tried to fit as much in as possible 🙂 Despite this I still managed to get at least over a years use before the machine ended up in washing machine heaven. I have had cheap models, expensive models and various spin speeds also digital and plain standard machines.

I purchased my bush washing machine purely because I had a new kitchen fitted and it was black to match the decor. A little over what I usually pay, from day one it caused me nothing but problems. I even restrained from overloading it since the drum was larger than my previous model. It would constantly tear clothes even on a low spin speed and despite having two quick wash cycles (15 min & 60 min) the clothes would come out dripping wet even after a 1200 spin.

After about six months the bearings had gone and a replacement machine was sent out ( I think they were sick of sending out repair men) I received the same model which also had the same faults as the previous one. The quick washes are unusable which is annoying because the main wash is ridiculously long (190 mins) and I do not want to have to stand there squeezing excess water out of clothes which have already been on a spin. I constantly empty the filter but it makes no difference. I thought the previous one had been faulty but apparently it appears to be a model fault, I think I will stick to cheap machines from now on at least they are reliable 🙂


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