One rule for us and another for them

I had a doctors appointment the other day and was told if I was ten minutes late I wouldn’t be seen. I actually arrived five minutes early and took a seat, my appointment time comes and passes and I am finally seen forty-five minutes later!

How come if I am ten minutes late I won’t be seen and yet they can keep me waiting for as long as they like? Half the time there is no-one in the room with them so what are they doing? Catching up on Facebook? E-mailing friends?

Seriously what is the point of making an appointment if you aren’t going to be seen at that time? It’s tempting when you finally get called to say ‘sorry i’m not ready yet, give me half an hour and I will be with you’

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  1. Too bad doctors are in such short supply. They can still pretend they are God.

    1. Well my surgery has five doctors and you still wait forever

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