Not the wisest of ideas!

Yesterday wasn’t exactly the best of days although it was definitely eventful. I have a bench set in my garden which we got given from someone we knew in a pub, not the most stable of things and was definitely in need of some maintenance. As with most things, we never got around to doing it. I have a habit of sitting on the table top and resting my feet on the bench, not the best idea and I was soon to find out.

Sun shining I went out into the garden and took my usual seat on the table top, a loud crack sounded and I promptly went straight through the table. Throwing my arms out I managed to stop myself from hitting the floor but not without injuries, my elbows and the backs of my legs took the brunt of it as did my back. It could have been a lot worse, when I looked down beneath the table the supporting beam was face up with the sharp end of several nails sticking up. This would have been where I would have landed if I hadn’t stopped myself.

My husband thought it was hilarious and had it been the other way round I probably would have laughed too, in fact I actually did laugh about it after but my husband was about to get his own bout of misfortune.

Later that day he decided he wanted to do a barbecue, despite only having half a table (three slats remaining after I broke the other three :)) It took a while to get it lit since the charcoal we had was damp, we added a new lot and he removed the other charcoal and put it back in the bag. Apparently some of the old charcoal had lit because the bag started smoldering, my husband tipped it into the barbecue along with the other charcoal. One piece dropped on the floor and without thinking he picked it up with his bare hands, naturally it was hot and he ended up with second degree burns on his hand.

Not the best of days for us but a lesson learned (hopefully :))


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  1. Life – isn’t it grand. 🙂 I’m glad you weren’t impaled on those nails, though. That could have been really serious. Feel better.

    1. I didn’t notice them at first I was too busy hobbling away hoping the neighbours weren’t laughing themselves silly at their windows lol, when I saw them afterwards that was when I had an O.M.G moment 🙂

  2. So glad you didn’t land on those nails – it would have been a very different post!
    Did something else happen? They say in goes in three’s…if not break a match.

    1. Lol yes it would have been, my eldest did get a little sunburned does that count? other than that not much else occurred 🙂

      1. Well that’s good! Let’s count the sunburn – now you have had all three mishaps.
        Have a good day today.

  3. Lol thanks Mandy will do 🙂

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